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We Never Contact Our Customers About The Amway Business!   Customers Create A Free Account!

No Hype, No BS, No Lead Capture Pages Just The Facts And Truth For Those Who Can Handle It.

Amway Is Now The Best Home Business Going Learn Why!

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We Are Customers and IBOs In Amway Because We Love The Products.   And, If You Choose To, You Can Build A Very Nice Income Sharing Your Product Knowledge With Others.  We Welcome Both Customers And Business Builders To Enjoy These Fantastic Products!

We have 3 information calls daily. Join us by sending a request to listen in and learn why Amway is now the best thing going to create income without any risk.

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For over 10 years we have purchased products from our network. We say “our” because we earn points when I shop at the Amway network and I earn points for helping other Customers and Independent Business Owners (IBO) to shop there too. And ‘points’ turn into cash bonuses each month.

I have no meetings to attend, no “tools” to buy, no conferences to attend. There are no minimum purchases to make. In fact, there are no minimum anythings. I do two things and ONLY two things:

1. I shop at my website, and
2. I refer people to my site so they can register either as a Customer at no cost (I give my Customers the same wholesale pricing that I pay) or as an Independent Business Owners (IBO) ($50/year).

NOTE: Many people think that Amway is stuck in the past with stocking products in their garage, attending meetings, etc. That was Amway 10 years ago. Today, Amway is an online network where members can shop at the website they get as IBOs and who can earn money by helping connect their friends to get their own free website. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.

If you can shop and share, you can earn. I invite you to get your free site as a Customer, check it out, and if you want more information, feel free to call me. I do not sell or convince. I answer questions so I can help you make money. Simple is as simple does.

Look, I’m aware of how bad a rap Amway used to have. Frankly, many people deserved the label, but it’s NOT that way any more. If your mind is open, I can help you save money on quality products and earn money. If you are stuck in the past, I can’t help you.

The best medicine is knowledge. I look forward to helping you save and earn money by getting the knowledge required to achieve your goals

If you're looking to start a No Risk home based business lets talk!   I will share with you my story of 15 years working full time from home with over 30 different companies and the facts as to why Amway is now the best home business going. What do we do? Simple we just changed where we buy some of our everyday products for Better products and get paid for showing others how to do the same.   Best compensation plan that's fair to everyone, paid for everyone in your group, no required autoships, best product pricing, no hassle 100% money back guarantee on any product you return, Free e-commerce website for all IBO's. This isn't the old Amway we build online and offline from home without hotel meetings!   There simply isn't anything better where you can make a lot of money with ZERO risk.   $50 per year and you're in business that's it!

This is a simple No Risk Business opportunity that can set you FREE if your mind is open!   People not willing to open their minds to new ways to create income and live debt free are doomed to live the average lifestyle of living from payday to payday broke and in debt.   I got out of that rat race and so can you if you stop listening to the broke masses and make a commitment to change your life forever!

Average means you're 90 days from bankruptcy living life on credit. You Own nothing you simply rent from a bank and if you don't pay you learn that quickly. It's not what you have but what you truly OWN without the help of credit.   Most are simply a slave to credit so get off your high horse and call it like it is.   Frankly the average lifestyle sucks, nope don't want to be there!