People Helping People Crowdfunding Was My Choice Learn Why!  The Most Brilliant Program I've Seen In 20 Years!

Waszupp Crowdfunding? There Is A Better Choice People Helping People. Compliant With United States Laws & Regulations!

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What Does It Take For Success Here? A One Time $40 Donation
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  • Pay Off All Of Your Debt?
  • Maybe A New Home For Your Family?
  • Fund Your Kids College Fund?
  • Buy a Car, Truck Or SUV You've Always Wanted?
  • How About Funding Your Retirement Account?

  • Let Us Help You Make Your Dreams Come True!

    I am placing my team leaders now! Fill out the form below and I will secure you a position in our team matrix. Members are placed in the matrix by day and time they join our team. Launch Date Is The First Week In November!

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    Listen To Our Call What Makes People Helping People The Best Choice!

    ☑️ FULL Transparency
    ☑️ LOW entry so EVERYONE can participate
    ☑️ My TeamBuild Everyone Works Together So Everyone Wins
    ☑️ Top Proven Leaders Who Actually Help You Get 3 People
    ☑️ No Ego's! No BackStabbing! No CrossPromoting! Only Unity
    ☑️ Top Proven Leaders Who Actually Help You Get 3 People
    ☑️ Create A True "Monthly Residual Income" With Our Residual System

    We're Going To Help You Get To $4,000 at People Helping People Worldwide Plus Show You How To Create A "True Secure Residual Income" Without Taking Money Out Of Pocket!

    I Made My Choice In Companies Based On Facts Not Hype & Deception
    Yes This Is A Home Business Networking Company And Yes We Pay Taxes On Earnings!

    Company Based In The United States Compliant With Laws & Regulations You Pick From 20 Approved Legal Charities Where Your Donations Go. We All Know These Charities! The Company Will Even Send You A Check For Your Earnings If You Wish!
    Much More Payout On Levels 3 And 4 For All Your Hard Work The Ability To Create Multiple Streams Of Income On The Same Effort No Revenue Sharing Tied To Personal Sponsorships Which Encourages Keeping Sponsorships. I Give Away Sponsorships To Help Others!

    I Looked Into Waszupp & People Helping People. I Chose People Helping People For Many Reasons!

    People Helping People Make Their Dreams Come True!

    Craig Williams (253) 625-8552

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